LVA-I is known to be a platform for pre-employment and personality analysis that incorporates our exceptional voice analysis expertise and thoroughly prepared sets of questionnaires to provide non biased and satisfying assessment conditions and straightforward reports.

Get to know your workforce

  • Detect internal fraud
  • Put an end to stealing of Company’s products, tools and reserve.
  • Restrict exposure because of intake of drug, alcohol and sexual harassment.
  • Avoid outflow of confidential information
  • Recognize important personality qualities.
  • Encourage impartial hiring procedures.

Pre- employment screening.

The first stage of employment processes.

Periodic assessments.

Intermittent assessments for all level of staff- structural “decency maintenance”

Personality assessments

Administrative skills, personality tests, emotional strength- is the applicant suitable for the job?

Why choose LVA-i

For quite a long time pre- employment test has been up and it involves two kinds of test:

Polygraph based test, Pen and paper based method of asking questions. HR and security administrators have to choose between exceptionally dependable but stressful and exorbitant evaluation processes or cheap assessments but anticipate highly unreliable results. LVA-I helps to adjust all these.

LVA-I are always readily accessible and are effortlessly administered. Participant’s uncontrolled voice attributes is the major input, and the value of the test makes it appropriate also for mass screening processes.

  • Best accuracy with basis from psychophysiological measures.
  • Readily available and quite easy to use.
  • A fair amount, appropriate for mass scale development.


  • Over the phone

Organizes interview supported by a telephone operator.

  • Interactive post

Automated interview process in a Man-PC communication.

  • V.R Integration or Web interface

Utilize third party IVR or web service

LVA-i Risk Topics- Standard Questionnaires

The main questionnaire comprises pre- configured topics that are more related to different kind of jobs for instance confidentiality, stealing, fraud, drug abuse and alcohol intake, however over time we realize that few topics are less significant for diverse clients, and certain tests can be configured when needed, comprising creation of complete test from the scratch.

  • Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Stealing from the organization.
  • Corruption and kickbacks
  • Swindle and Deceit
  • Team work
  • Drug consumption
  • Alcohol intake
  • Gambling
  • Devotion to the organization

LVA-i Designed Questionnaires

Based on standard topics we have been able to compile additional topics which are significant for diverse types of positions and professions for example drivers, cleaners, guards, hotel employees, sales and cashiers etc.

  • Hazard tests
  • Character tests
  • Management skills test

Job specific tests



Hotel room attendants



Appropriate for Every Company Sizes

LVA-I is a system that is expandable, it is available in diverse configurations designed to work for any size and any kind of organization, ranging from SMBs to multi-national companies, from special corps to armed forces and police enrollment, from distinct stand-alone unit to multi-size server based results.

LVA-I is Responsive and Intuitive

No restrictions on age, gender or ethnic

Automatically generate reports- intuitive and not difficult to understand

Language independent

Facilitate mass screening without delay.