RA7 system is designed for risk appraisal in insurance claim calls, it detects the distinct vocal characteristics that point out the possibility of fraud or suppression of information.

 Familiarize with your Customers

RA7 solutions are built as a combination of software components and cautiously designed dialogue scripts put together to protect each insurance case from every perspective, gauge the claimant’s emotional reactions and coherent signs for the list of important topics.

Detects Falsified claims in time.

  • Yields efficient results from the first day of use.
  • Provides genuine picture of the existing level of fraud
  • Gives highest degree detection to call coverage.
  • Gives room for training and mentoring (agents and managers)




The RA7 Software

RA7 is set up on claimants’ PC and the PC is connected to the phone by using Nemesysco’s unique phone connector or VOIP interface.

In other to operate RA7, agents must have RA7 software installed on their PC and connect it to the phone by using Nemesysco’s hardware or phone connector that is software based.

Whenever RA7 analysis program spots a topic carrying important strong emotions, repetition of risk indications, RA7 will flag for thorough investigation. With this, through something as easy as phone call all incoming claimants could be screened without wasting time for possible fraud, without additional burden on current business procedure. Should there be the need for thorough investigation, it will prepare the ground for effectiveness and efficiency.

RA7 Objectives.

  • Enhance the rate of fraud Detection

Increasingly improve fraud detection rate in your organization

  • Improve Customer Service

Perfect your customer service and hasten the time period for claims settlement

  • Upgrade the Procedure for Fraud Detection

Restructure and Regulate your risk detection and organization processes

RA7 Operational Models

RA7 Professional Services

RA7 Risk Management Services

In some regions, Strategic Project work together with qualified and skilled intermediary with dedicated service centers, this makes it easy to integrate RA7 into your claim processing system.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about the location and its availability within your area, also if you want to run a Nemesysco service center in your territory.

In-House RA7

This is a technology and procedures utilized by insurer’s employee and handled internally:

  • Phase 1: Tailored conversation script are being used by Call Centre Agents for any form of claim handled through phone.
  • Phase 2: Claim manager promptly detects claims showing repeated risk indications. Allows them to quickly clear clients with low risk for settlement.
  • Phase 3: Special Investigation Unit (SIU) keep to lead investigations to increase quality; there is little or no irrelevant cases to work on, investigators find it easy to conduct telephone interviews with RA7 online analysis which saves quality time and resources.