Call Centres

QA5 technology is information system software that use voice analysis to excellently monitor, track and examine every ongoing calls within your call centre in other to detect and know the calls that are neglected either within the call time frame or later after the call was placed.

Know Your Call Center™

It has been statistically proven that out of all 100 calls that take place 1 to 5 of these calls are neglected or given poor attention. It is highly ineffective to listen to calls haphazardly or arbitrarily neither is sitting and waiting for customers to lodge complaint an alternative, it is not an appropriate decision in the competitive business world.

Manager can be automatically connected to the ongoing call or the supervisor can receive alerts with the use of graphical indicators on the screen even SMS.

When you incorporate QA5 technology SDK into the call centre system, it will be possible for managers to get instantaneous alerts each time a call is not appropriately handled. This makes the managers work less stressful as it will save the managers the time to listen to properly handled calls and it gives room for optimum discharge of managers’ proficiency.

QA5 provides unvarying set of dimensions that adequately and automatically appraise agents’ activities and clients’ satisfaction with minimum utilization of hardware resources. The totality of data utilized is used for automated report generation and regulating your KPI (Key performance indicators).

Customer Interaction Insights

Programmed ideas and Testimony.

Real time tracking and instant alert.

Make available managerial outline for daily KPI.

Call document and feedback based data mining.

Enhanced sales and advertising tools

QA5 Is centered on Nemesysco’s unequaled right to initiate voice analysis technology making use of general and common set of unrestrained indicators obtained from human speech. QA5 is known to be similarly efficient in all kinds of languages and requires no dictionary tuning or words that are negative.

NOTE: QA5 is mainly built for analyzing and revealing REAL and TRUE emotions and not to discover emotions that are feigned by actors.

Immediate & Objective KPIs

QA5 instantly produces emotional analyses and it does not need to be tuned for dictionary settings- This Is due to the fact that emotional condition is general. QA5 can be said to be language skeptical!

It detects elements of emotion without the need for words or tone of illustrations and communication.

Receive real-time warnings when your client is displeased!

When you use QA5 in real time systems, it allows your system to spontaneously identify negative emotions on every ongoing calls in other to regulate supervisor’s concentration and equally increase their efficiency.

Support your agent, keep your clients!

Verified and instant outcome on main KPIs

Be focus!

Whenever QA5 is in post processing mode, its major aim is to speedily detect calls that are not properly handled in other for the managers take corrective steps in time and increase customer representatives’ performance.

  • Programmed Reports

Automatically generates non biased reports that evaluates the whole site, unit and each person’s performance over time.

  • Personnel Enhancement

Recognize improved structures for employees shift administration

  • Warning Alert

Detect many warning signals quickly and on time.

  • Agent operation

Agents’ productive activities are automatically rewarded.

Built to solve future challenges

QA5 technology can be utilized to support sales to:

  • Collect: gather emotional reports in the CRM system.
  • Analyze: recognize big emotional connections by adding LARGE DATA analysis and discover Cultural- Emotional based best matches.
  • Match: Pair the most appropriate staff with the client’s emotional report.
  • Offer: Provides the most appropriate products, by the right agent, at the most appropriate time!